Healing Teachings





6 thoughts on “Healing Teachings

  1. Anthony Vitale says:

    My brother. Thanks for spending time on the phone with me awhile back.
    I am still not healed of this wretched heart disease! Can I learn to get healing for myself?
    I’ve had faith. I believed I was healed I forgave everyone I know. Still I wait.
    I know I don’t deserve it but I am a child of God and He says I’m healed by his stripes!!
    What can I do to be healed!

    1. Soft Clay says:

      Hello Anythony, I suggest you read and/or watch Andrew Wommack’s teaching God Wants You Well. It combines all these great teachings on healing others with how to receive healing for yourself. Youtube has some great playlists. Blessings.

  2. Damos Clement says:

    Since we talked about healing!!! I’m getting better and better daily !!! Thanks for praying for me GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS

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