Aly-Sam Botros - The Healing Evangelist that have reached millions of people in the muslim world AND THE CREATOR OF 1-ON-1 MENTOR COACHING PROGRAM.

His testimony has been read more than 3.5 million times and shared more than 30 thousand times on social media before FB blocked it.

Aly-Sam has preached the Gospel to millions of people in the hardest areas of the world, countries like Western Sahara, Jordan, Libyan, Oman, Yemen, Iraq, Syrian, Sudan, Morocco, Tunis, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia.

Read his journey to the healing ministry..

Surprise! Please Read - Great News 😃

Last couple of years have been insane, to say at least! We have been working on something new…

That have enabled us to reach BILLION(S) of people for Christ, with higher engagement, than the traditional evangelism approach.

That's why we are currently shutting down parts of this website to focus on our new outreach.

We still receive donations. Which will be contributed to our new outreach.