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About Aly-Sam Botros


His testimony has been read more than 3.5 million times and shared among people in Muslim communities on social media more than 30 thousand  before FB blocked his testimony.

Aly-Sam is an evangelist that have preached the Gospel to millions of people in the hardest areas in the world. Countries like Western Sahara, Jordan, Libyan, Oman, Yemen, Iraq, Syrian, Sudan, Morocco, Tunis, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia.

His approach, and his way of evangelising, is changing how media evangelism is done in our time.

Who we are?

We are a family, a group of individuals that are passionate and fierce about our faith. We believe that we as born again believers are to be victorious in our everyday lives, in all circumstances and situations. Ephesians 2:10;

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

We strive to recognize that everyday, everywhere with everyone is a predestined encounter, ordained by God, and that we can choose to do the good works with every opportunity we see.

We know that You were made to expand the Kingdom of God! If you let God take you through the process of renewing your mind and breaking old patterns of behavior, you can become UNSTOPPABLE and destroy the works of darkness every single day wherever you are! We are here to help you through this process and equip you for your own life ministry!

We have learned that without showing people practical applications and helping them along the way we cannot fully teach them effectively in a way that brings lasting fruit. This is why we want to take you with us on our journey, our everyday real-life. As we meet people and minister to them in public places, christian gatherings or at homes, you can be with us learn from us and do it yourself with our support. You SHALL see people touched by God, healed and set free through You. GUARANTEED!

We are happy to train you whether you invite us to where you are or you come to us in Riga (Latvia). We also have developed a unique training method where we arm you with the art of evangelism via phone, guiding you throughout the process over a simple phone call.   Read more about our training here.

Need Our Assistance

We are happy to help You!


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Surprise! Please Read - Great News 😃

Last couple of years have been insane, to say at least! We have been working on something new…

That have enabled us to reach BILLION(S) of people for Christ, with higher engagement, than the traditional evangelism approach.

That's why we are currently shutting down parts of this website to focus on our new outreach.

We still receive donations. Which will be contributed to our new outreach.

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