• June 19, 2017

Tip number 1 – Don’t Ask many Questions About What You Will Do To The Person. Just Do it!

Tip number 1 – Don’t Ask many Questions About What You Will Do To The Person. Just Do it!

Tip number 1 – Don’t Ask many Questions About What You Will Do To The Person. Just Do it! 952 713 Aly-Sam Botros

I have trained many people to heal the sick out in the streets for some years now. I just want to share some tips which I believe can improve your effectiveness in your meetings with other people.

Tip number 1 – Don’t ask many questions about what you will do to the person. Just do it!

The chance of you getting to pray for someone will increase a lot if you don’t ask unnecessary questions! Two common scenarios are:

1. “Is it okay if I pray for you? I will just lay my hand where you’re hurt and it will only take a few seconds?” And then wait for the person to respond with a yes or no.

Never give the person the opportunity to say no!

It`s much better if you say something in this way. For example, lets say the person has knee pain.

Watch this, then you just stretch your hand against the knee. If they really don’t want you to touch them they will let you know. However, that’s unusual.


Watch this, your pain will go away, I’ll just put my hand on your knee it will take two three seconds.
Then you just stretch your hand against the knee.

It may look like it’s almost the same approach but believe me you’ll be praying for a lot more people if you will just do it.

2. “Can you please give me only two minutes of your time this is probably the most important message you will ever hear?”

Don`t ask these type of questions. Rather just naturally start sharing the gospel in your conversation. Something like this ;

You: I like your cross!
Them: Thanks.
You; Are you a Christian?
Them: I’m, but I’m not religious.
You: Yeah, I understand. I was raised as an christian because both my parents are from Egypt. You know in Egypt you are born to believe in God. Either you are a muslim or a Christian. But just like my countrymen God was only in my head and not in my heart. But fourteen years ago everything changed… And I continue with my own testimony and gospel message.

Or if they got healed;

Them: How did you do that!
You: I prayed for you and you got healed!
Them: Very shocked!
You: The majority of people have wrong idea what it really means to be a christian… Just continue and explain the gospel.

Or some times you can ask them a question;

You: Have you ever heard the christian message, what it’s really about?
Them: Yeah, you christians believe Jesus is the Son of God and that He is God, right?
You: Exactly! And this is very important in the christian belief, the deity of Christ because… Start sharing the Gospel.


You: Have you heard the christian message, what it’s really about?
Them: No, and I don’t really care either.
You: Okay I understand, probably you don’t care because you don’t really know the goodness in it. No one runs away from someone that’s only good and loving. I myself exactly as you… Start sharing the gospel message

Fewer people will interrupt you in the middle of your preaching.

So just preach or heal don`t ask people if you may or not, JUST DO IT!


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Aly-Sam Botros

  • evangelist chilavert nmezi July 14, 2017 at 8:29 pm

    Circumstances might make you to ask, it depends.
    God bless you.

    • Life Ministries October 8, 2018 at 1:45 pm

      Yeah, you are definitely right!
      I mean more as a general rule.

      But of course there are same circumstances that you have/or its much better to ask. Depending on same factors, the situation, the culture ect.

      Stay blessed brother!

  • roguemillennials June 30, 2017 at 3:44 am

    Keep encouraging people to get out there and get active! God’s eager for willing vessels to be His hands and feet!

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