The Quest for The Big “HOW”

Every believer has their own background, some spiritual heritage or knowledge their parents might have passed on to them. Or a specific church denomination they have been a part of, that has left them thinking just like the others around them.

But every one eventually comes to the big question HOW?

As we read the Bible and see how different from us, the men and women that we read about walked out Christianity, the question HOW CAN I DO THAT?” will surely come up.

“It can get very frustrating to try to find the answers in places, that got you thinking there are no answers to your questions in the first place.”

Maybe You are one of those people asking this same question to yourself: HOW can i live the life i read about in the Bible? Maybe You are looking for a roadmap to your God-given destiny?

Then you are in the right place..

Cause just like you, I used to ask these questions in frustration as I longed to live that life!


Because it is all much more simple than you thought it would be.

The Gospel is simple, so simple that the hardest thing about it is to understand IT IS SIMPLE.

And our mission is to point you to the lifestyle we live out daily, and to show you that it is SIMPLE and it is for YOU!

Our Aim is to equip You

Everyday wherever you go you meet people. Every single one of these meetings are opportunities for you to shine the Light of Christ! Maybe you are afraid and FEAR stops you from doing what God has called you to do. Maybe you don’t know HOW to overcome this and be effective for the Gospel in the city you live.

A great solution is to train you right where you are – YOUR HOME COUNTRY.

We are opened and excited to travel to where you live and get you trained to live a FEARLESS life and preach the Gospel with power.

What We Focus On During Our Training:

  • How to overcome FEAR.
  • How to effectively APPROACH PEOPLE.
  • How to communicate the Gospel Message.
  • Preaching the Gospel with SIGNS AND WONDERS.

Ways You Can Get Trained

We offer you various ways of getting trained. We have thought carefully through our methods of training and created ways for everyone everywhere to get trained.


1) Training ONE-on-ONE (highly recommended)

We focus on “QUALITY” and not “quantity”, so we have designed training method where we will focus on YOU and the issues you need to overcome and see for yourself, that living it out daily is SIMPLE!

I wish this kind of training was available when I became a believer! It is literally life changing for many believers! You can receive the knowledge we have gathered for years.

In this training, someone from our team will go side by side with you to public places and search for people to pray for and show you how to do it, STEP BY STEP.

On day 1

Your team leader will do everything; stop people, talk with them, and ask if they have any needs for healing. If yes, you (the one being trained) are the one that will do the praying while the team leader is watching. When you experience and understand how easy it is to exercise your “God given authority” and that people are getting healed and touched by your hands over and over again, then..

On day 2

It will be easy to continue on your own on day two after day one`s training. This day you are going to be more active on doing everything on your own. Hopefully evangelizing totally on your own with the team leader nearby.

Our YouTube Channel is a perfect way to see how the training is done.
Duration: 1-3 full days

For this training we are opened for travel invitations all over the world. If you want to invite us to get trained, please fill out the contact form here.

2) Phone Training

One of our team members will be on the other side of the phone and tell you exactly how to do it. But you are the one that has to go out and approach people in public places and search for people to be prayed for while the team leader hears what is being said and is guiding you through.

Even if it is over the phone don’t miss underestimate the power of getting encouraged and built up by someone experienced on the other side of the line. This is extremely effective as long as you are ready to step out and do the work.

Duration: 1 day

Before you start any of the training you will be contacted by your team leader and go through all the necessary information needed.

Send us an email

We really care and want to help you. Contact us via email and let us hear your story, we would love to get to know you as we together could figure out what training method will fit best for You!

For other inquiries or information like, Church invitation, or group training, please fill out the form bellow.

Or send us an e-mail:


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