How to get Trained

img_7227At Life Ministries we put quality before quantity! Only one person that gets our training right, will impact thousands upon thousands of lives, GUARANTEED! Our aim is to train you on a personal level and work together as a team to overcome the obstacles that hinders you from being greatly used of God. We can even travel to your country and work 1-On-1! Our training serves for the purpose of doing effective evangelism and includes;

  • Overcome fear.
  • How to approach people on the streets and everywhere you go with the Gospel.
  • How to effectively communicate the Gospel message.
  • Preaching the Gospel by the power of the Holy Spirit through signs and wonders.

We offer different ways that you can be trained:

1. Read our healing articles
Don’t do as so many do, underestimate something because it is free! Our articles are enough to get you on going like crazy! Highly recommended especially for the beginner is the “Healing Manuel”.

You can read all our healing articles here.

In addition to reading our articles you can contact us via our call center, at the moment our open hours is, Sat 07:00-09:00, Swedish time, phone number: + 46 73 56 28 757. Feel free to call and we’ll hopefully be able to answer any questions. We really want to get in contact with you and help you through.

2. 1-On-1 live training
In this training one in our team will literally go side by side to public places and search for people to pray for and show you how to do it, step by step if needed. The team leader will do everything; stop people, talk with them, and ask if they have any needs for healing. If yes, you (the one being trained) are the one that will do the praying while the team leader is watching. When you experience and understand how easy it is to exercise your “God given authority” and that people are getting healed and touched by your hands over and over again. It will be easy to continue on your own. Our YouTube Channel is a perfect way to see how the training is done.

Go to our YouTube channel

3. Our 1-On-1 Mentor Coaching Program (Phone training).
This training is the exactly same training as the above training but it is done via the phone. One in our team will be on the other side of the line and telling you exactly how to do it. But you are the one that has to go out and approach people in public places and search for people to be prayed for while the team leader hears what is being said and is guiding you through.

Before you start the training you will be contacted by your team leader and go through all the necessary info needed.

Duration: One full day

For more info or other inquiries like Church invitation or group training, please contact us via the below forum.