Be Trained

img_7227At Life Ministries we put quality before quantity! Only one person that gets our training right, will impact thousands upon thousands of lives.I have seen it over and over again! Our training has a personal attachment and we offer four ways you can be trained at.

1. Read our healing articles. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED articles is “Healing in the atonement”, “The Key of Divine Healing”, and “Healing Manuel”. You can find all the healing articles here.
2. Talk One on One on the phone. Contact us via this form.
3. Invite us. We can train a small group 1-25 persons which always includes point four (read below).
4. Where one person in our team will literally go side by side to public places and search for people to pray for. The team leader will; stop people, talk with them, and ask if they have any needs for healing. If yes, the student will do the praying while the team leader is watching. When the student understands how easy it is to exercise their “God given authority” and experiences that people are getting healed through them, it is just for them to continue on thier own.

Do you want to be trained? Use the form below: