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عزيزى المسلم -هذه شهادتى

عزيزى المسلم -هذه شهادتى

عزيزى المسلم -هذه شهادتى 300 168 Aly-Sam Botros

انا ليس فى صراع معك “انا احبكلذلك اكون صارما احيانا واشعر بالضيق والتحدى لانى اريدك ان تعرف الحق وتتمسك به قبل فوات الاوان.

 احد الاسباب الرئيسية التى تجعلنى مسيحيا مخلصا اليوم هو اننى رأيت رؤيا منذ ١٤ عاما مضى رأيت يسوع المسيح يموت على الصليب ويمكننى ان اقول بكل صراحة وجرأة انه لمدة ١٥ ثانية تقريبا رأيت الصلب الحقيقى للمسيح كان مصابا بكدمات مبرحة دامية وألام شديدة وفى انتظار الموت وسمعت صوتا نابعا من قلبى أثناء الرؤيا يقول انا إله الصليبنظر يسوع مباشرة الى عينيى وقال من اجلك

الحقيقتان الرئسيتان اللتان فى حالة انكار تام من المسلمين يتعارضان تماما مع ما رأيته فى هذه الرؤي

ان يسوع المسيح مات على الصليب

ان يسوع المسيح هو الله

هذه الحقائق هى اساس المسيحية،  فمنذ حوالى ٢٠٠٠ عاما مضى اصبح الله انسانا- يسوع المسيح! احترم كل ما نصت عليه القوانين وجميع متطلباته وعاش حياة بدون خطية نيابة عنك ثم تحمل عقوبة خطاياك بالموت على الصليب التى كانت هى الطريقة الامثل والاكمل  للتكفيرعن خطاياك وكان الله مستعدا لقبول تضحية المسيح الكاملة كبديل عن خطاياك

حتى يمكنك ان تتحرر من كل ذنوبك ما عليك سوى ان تؤمن بموت المسيح وقيامته من الأموات وستخلص

2:21  كل من يدعو باسم الرب يخلص اعمال الرسل 

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    Thank you

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  • عبدالرحيم April 24, 2020 at 2:04 pm

    جزاكم الله خيرا

  • mohammed samaar December 30, 2019 at 4:53 pm

    I am a person who believes in God alone and has no partner, and that our Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, are human beings from us and a prophet sent for our guidance to God alone and deliverance from fire and entry to Heaven Jesus is not a god and not the son of God as some claim and yes he was tortured and raised to heaven and replaced with another person as it is mentioned in the narrations and this The person looked exactly like him, so he likened them to them that he was Jesus when they executed him on the cross and for this Christ took him a chapel or symbol and he sinned that the Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, calls God alone and God said to the Prophet that they worship me without me. Then the Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, said: God forbid that I am in your position, you are my Creator and I am your servant But they are a lost people and Jesus was calling for a prophet to come E named Ahmed and this is mentioned in the Gospel to pray the one who will appear with the Prophet in the last decade to show the falsehood of the current Book of the Gospel and the Word of God it proves that Islam is the religion of God and differed only The oppressors
    and unbelievers

    • Aly-Sam Botros January 9, 2020 at 12:08 pm

      Hey Mohammed and thank you for your comment! It is so fun to have so many muslims all over the world reading my testimony both on arabic and my eng version (combined more then 4 million people).

      Mohammed the foundation of the christian faith is;

      That 2000 years ago, God became a human being – Jesus Christ! He kept all the requirements of the law. He lived a sinless life on your behalf. And by doing so Mohammed He took the punishment of your and my sins, by dying on the cross. His death on the cross was the perfect and complete payment for our sins.

      Our faith is literally dead if Jesus diden`t died on the cross and rose from the dead!

      And it is very well documented in the Bible which have been proven to be very accurate and preserved until this very day! One of many sources to prove creditability of Bible is the dead sea scrolls that were found in Qumran 1946.

      Why should anyone give Mohammed that lived 600 years after Jesus more authority than to the hundreds of eyewitness to the events itself and is so well preserved and accurate documented, make no sense at all?

      No falsehood which you are speaking about have been proven?

      All my love to you Mohammed!

  • Anonymous December 28, 2019 at 8:56 am

    Wissem ben Mohamed

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