• December 27, 2018

My Journey to the Healing Ministry…

My Journey to the Healing Ministry…

My Journey to the Healing Ministry… 281 500 Life Ministries

Aly-Sam Botros’s conversion testimony has been read more than one million times on his website and shared more than 30 thousand times on social media, in Tunis alone, before it got blocked by Facebook.

His ministries reach more than ten thousand people every single day with the Gospel message, in Muslim countries like Indonesia and Tunis.

He is the founder of Lifeministries.eu, through which he has trained hundreds of people into healing evangelism.


Let me tell you a bit about myself and how I got started.  

My name is Aly-Sam Botros, but everyone calls me “Botros”, that is my surname. I’m the founder of Life Ministries and I am 34 years old, married to my beautiful wife Kristine and we have two daughters, Ruth and Rose.

I have lived most of my life in Sweden where I was born and raised, but my origins are in Egypt, where both my parents are from. Right now, my family and I are based in Riga, Latvia, where we live and minister to the people around us.

In 2004, after several encounters with the Lord, I finally surrendered myself to Christ and got saved.

I immediately had an urgency to witness and share my faith with my friends and family members.

Soon I was also out on the streets witnessing to people everywhere!

Some people got saved, and many people heard the Gospel, which was awesome!

However, it didn’t produce the result I wanted…


That I usually found myself in a debate, convincing people that what they believed couldn’t possibly be the truth and that the Gospel was the truth. Debating with unbelievers wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted them to experience and encounter the Holy Spirit as I did!

So, I started seeking God intensively for the supernatural. I read books, listened to hours of teachings and watched countless videos for several years, I sought help and guidance from known teachers such as:

Smith Wigglesworth, F.F. Bosworth, A.A. Allen, Jack Coe, Oral Roberts, William Branham, Kenneth Hagin, Lester Sumrall, Kathryn Kuhlman, Sid Roth, Ulf Ekman, Benny Hinn, Richard Roberts, Rodney Howard Browne, Bill Johnson and the Bethel Church, Curry Blake, Pete Cabrera, Torben Sondergaard, Todd White, Andrew Wommack

The list goes on…

I was going to meetings hoping to get some impartation. All of this helped me to some degree.

I BUT NOT at all in a way that made me to flow in the supernatural on everyday basis.

I just ended up with more and more frustration. I wasn’t frustrated with God, but rather with the situation I was in.

Honestly, I started feeling like a HYPOCRITE more and more, as time went by.

I was believing and preaching about the supernatural, healing, and miracles, but I was only seeing it occasionally in my own life. Finally I came to a point where enough was enough!

I think if there is one thing that defines me it’s when I know what I want, I go after it completely!

I determined that I will stop all that I am doing and find some people, wherever they were on the face of the earth, to GET SOME ANSWERS!

Through my best friend Tomas I finally got connected to a guy named Ville in Stockholm. We ended up talking for about 45 minutes on the phone.


and was living the everyday lifestyle of preaching the Gospel through signs and wonders.

And he did something different with me that changed EVERYTHING!

I could only say WOOOW!

At that time I was living in Norway. So I took the bus 16 hrs to Stockholm, met Ville 3.5 hrs, and then 16 hrs back to Norway. During this 3.5 hrs Ville took me out on the streets of Stockholm, 1-on-1. As if he took me by the hand and demonstrated how to walk in the supernatural.

While we were out, I witnessed so many healings; people got healed from all kinds of problems. Pain problems, broken leg, back problem, etc.

One guy’s eyesight improved a lot; he even got saved after that!

Another guy didn’t even want prayer for his hearing problem, but while I was just talking to him, he got healed.

The training with Ville was so different compared to only reading and hearing about how to perform healings and exercise your authority from books, audios, and videos. – 

This is owing to the fact that Ville took me out 1-on-1, to the streets where I personally got the opportunity to lay hands on the sick and perform miracles, healing, and see people encounter God. I did it under his guidance because he was with me all the time showing me how to do it. How to approach people, what to say, and if someone had any need for prayer, I was the one that got the opportunity to pray for them.

This was an ice-breaker for me.

I learned so much by just watching how Ville was evangelizing. One thing I learned was how easy it actually is to do this.


A footage from my training with Ville. This guy felt a heat on his body and got healed from problem in his spine after my prayer.
Ville and his wife Sanna

After my training with Ville,

I hit a “HOMERUN.”

And I became so much more effective in doing evangelism. I started to impact people’s lives as I have never done before. I started doing this basically wherever I went.

It didn’t happen over a night. But I kept on going and doing what I had been taught with Ville until it became a second nature.

Today, six years later, I have personally witnessed to thousands of people and seen thousands of healings taking place.

And the best part is…

You can do the same!

I have trained countless people in the healing ministry I have been able to reproduce the same results in other people’s lives, that I see in my own life.

This isn’t so hard to do! You only need someone that really knows how to do it, to show YOU how YOU can do it too!

Is your story similar to mine?

Are you one of those many believers that have a desire to preach the Gospel with signs and wonders following you everywhere you go?

Are you one of those people looking at all those videos on Youtube where other people are actually doing it and wish you could do the same?

Are you still in your charismatic, tongue-speaking Church but still only talking about the miracles and healings, and you want it so much to be your own reality?

But you simply don’t know HOW!

How to approach people on the streets and  begin a conversation and what to say. How to believe God for healings, communicate the Gospel, overcome fear and develop a mindset to keep going no matter what!

For several years I have been training people in street healing evangelism and I know the main obstacles that hinders people to get started and most importantly how to overcome them! That’s why I have designed a training program called

1-On-1 Mentor Coaching

Where the focus is “QUALITY” rather than “quantity”. We train only two people at a time for one whole day and training can last up to three days if necessary, depending on your experience. In this training we will focus on the issues you need to overcome. The 1-On-1 mentor coaching training is personally design to meet the students needs. Maybe the biggest problem you are facing is approaching people with the Gospel. Or maybe you are already on fire and preaching the Gospel everywhere, but you don’t see so much of healing and miracles. We adjust our training personally to each student so you can get the most of the training.

In this training, someone from our team will go side by side with you to public places and search for people to pray for and show you how to do it, STEP BY STEP. Until you get comfortable enough to do it totally by yourself.


  • How to overcome FEAR.
  • How to effectively APPROACH PEOPLE.
  • How to communicate the Gospel Message.
  • Preaching the Gospel with SIGNS AND WONDERS.


We know that for many students the most vulnerable time to continue doing what have been taught during the training is when they go back home. I remember how easy it was to go out with Ville, but when I went back to Norway and it was much harder to start doing it totally by myself.

30 days Trainer Access  

That’s why our 1-On-1 Mentor Coaching training includes 30 days access to your trainer after the training is done. Using WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, mail, or through the phone, you can ask your questions, get encouraged, get guidance and help to get you through as you return to your daily life, so what has been taught and done during the training keeps growing and continues within you.


Rubens and Anna-Lenas testimony from our training!

Sam’s Testimony – Everyone I prayed for that day got Healed.

Paul Clark – I started to Prophesy…

Simon’s Testimony – It’s to Easy…

People are often shocked by how simple this is and how it’s so different from what they’ve done in the past.

Few things makes me happier than seeing other people get a hold of this training and HIT A HOMERUN. Because I know the impact it can do, Am I living proof!!

The 1-On-1 Mentor Coaching isn’t just a training, we become friends with our students and enjoy your success at each stage of the journey.

You aren’t just “the way you are”. You are built one piece at a time, and you can build yourself into whoever you want to be. We want to help you to build you up piece-by-piece for your success!

Andres and I demonstrate the power of God!

Looke Healed from a broken collarbone.

Metal in the leg gone.

Broken fingers healed.

Paul Clark: “my vision is 100% good!”

Best Regards, Aly-Sam Botros.

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  • God Hunter Zero December 29, 2018 at 12:22 am

    Botros, this is a beautiful testimony and I thank you for sharing it. Keep going strong for God and do not let sin put your fire and passion for God out. I really enjoy reading your blog, as I have experience similar testimonies out here also. Your blog post has encourage me, as I was cooling off lately. Thank you for helping me to be a flame of fire for God again!

  • Fru Botros May 19, 2019 at 1:22 pm

    Wow! 😍 this is such a blessing! So encouraged by your testimony and the way you live this out! I’ve been blessed daily.
    The way you do it is so contagious and being around you, while we are out on the streets doing everyday life, challenges me a lot to brake trough barriers in my own mind!
    I could not recommend a better teacher or trainer than you! 💎

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