• March 4, 2018



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Many believers have a hard time sharing the Gospel to a stranger which I totally understand. It’s because you have to step out of your comfort zone.
But if you see evangelism as not winning a debate or an argument but rather to communicate ”awesome news” it makes it much easier and a lot more fun to share Jesus with people you meet.
Instead of trying to convince people why their belief is wrong and yours is the true one. You just in the simplest way share why Jesus is such an important person in Christianity and/or your own testimony.
If the person responding is pouring out bad stuff about Christianity, Christians, the Bible ect. Just answer very shortly to his claims and then go back to sharing the Gospel message/ and or your testimony. It is so easy to get caught up with things that will not lead the person to the cross. It’s okay if that person gets the final word or a simple answer to one of his questions is ”I don’t know”. Just continue to communicate the Gospel. And when you have, just believe God that the person will understand it.
Keep it simple!
In this way you will be able to share the Gospel to more people. Because you will not end up in long discussions and you will be more effective by keeping it simple and by keeping focus on the essential message – the Gospel!

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