NEXT EVENT: Jul.1: Skype/IMO – Healing Service

Tomorrow me and and brother Poya Shahsavari are going to pray for the sick, and others who need to be ministered to, From 4 pm to 7 pm- Swedish time. (For all the swedish folks , 4 pm to 7 pm is 16.00-19.00)

If you are in Sweden:
-So if you need prayer, and live in Sweden, use below Contact form and make an appointment and we will call you up tomorrow and minister to you.

If you live outside of Sweden:
-Either download IMO or Skype, and send your skype name to us/ or IMO, and we will return back, and call you and minister to you.

-What you share with us that is personal, will stay between us, until you (the person in need) give us permission to share it as a testimony that might encourage others to do the same.

-It costs NOTHING, Jesus paid your price, only thing that is needed is that you schedule in some time, and actually pick up when we call you 🙂

-Since we are going to do this for 3 hours, if there is anyone that we miss out on, just write us a reminder and one of us will return to you as soon as possible!


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