• September 5, 2014

Ronald Coyne – The Man Who Could See Without an Eye!

Ronald Coyne – The Man Who Could See Without an Eye!

Ronald Coyne – The Man Who Could See Without an Eye! 259 194 Life Ministries

This video was recorded from a TV show hosted by skeptics.

As a result of this spectacular miracle, Rev. Coyne traveled the world for the next 43 years of his life demonstrating what the Lord had done for him. You may have seen him during one of his multiple TV appearances on Oprah Winfrey, Geraldo Rivera, Phil Donohue, That’s Incredible, Sally Jesse Raphael, etc.

Brother Coyne once told me that he always told these talk-show hosts, “I’ll come on your show and I’ll demonstrate this miracle. However, you must allow me to tell the multitudes that Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone did this for me. If you will not allow me to give glory to Jesus I simply cannot come on your program.” Rev. Coyne also told me they never contested his demands. Rev. Coyne is potentially responsible for leading multiple millions of souls into the Kingdom of God, by his TV appearances alone, through his faithful and shameless demonstration of this miracle.


  • Lucius R. Jordan Jr. April 23, 2016 at 12:41 am

    God is Good. His Love is everlasting and His Mercy and His Amazing Grace is unending. Praise The Lord for His Wonderful Lovingkindnesses.

  • John Coshnitzke November 1, 2016 at 12:49 am

    I saw Ronald Coyne on two separate occasions and I Know he could see because of the miracle God gave him. I taped one of his services and have been giving a DVD copy of that service free to anyone that wants it for the last 20 yrs.

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