• June 26, 2013

Iraq: The Shrinking, Yet Advancing Church!

Iraq: The Shrinking, Yet Advancing Church!

Iraq: The Shrinking, Yet Advancing Church! 300 168 Life Ministries
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On the surface, it appears that the church is on the verge of extinction in Iraq but, as you’ll see from this report, God is working in a powerful way within this ancient land! The movie will introduce you to some followers of Jesus who have refused to leave the country, even though the majority of Christians have fled this war- torn land in recent years – people who are committed to the cause of Christ like the Vicar of Baghdad, Andrew White; house church planter, “Deborah”; and “Rebekah,” whose husband was murdered by militant Muslims. Hopefully you will be inspired by their courage and resolve to advance God’s Kingdom! Also, you will have an opportunity to hear first-hand the stories of Muslim converts to Christianity who have suffered as a result of their decision to leave Islam. This 18- minute documentary will help you better understand what our brothers and sisters in Christ are facing during this crucial hour.
From The Voice of the Martyrs Canada
Length 18:30

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