• March 6, 2012

Renew Your Mind (The Elephant Lesson)

Renew Your Mind (The Elephant Lesson)

Renew Your Mind (The Elephant Lesson) 244 207 Aly-Sam Botros

Isn’t this a funny picture?download (10)

Elephants are the largest terrestrial animals on the earth, capable of reaching a height of 7.5 meters and weigh up to 7 tons. World’s most powerful terrestrial animal finds itself bound by a thin rope to a small wooden stick rather than tearing the peg away, and release itself. The fact is that it does not even try! How come?

The explanation is simple:

7562741-elephant-in-chainsWhen the elephant is small it is tied up with iron chains to a tree or post with a strong chain. How much it tries to tear away, the elephant cannot, and the harder the elephant draws, the more painful it is. Eventually the elephant gives up because it has learned that it is not possible to break free. The elephant simply gives up all attempts to  release itself, believing that it hasn’t the ability to be free.

When the elephants grow, the rope is no longer serves the purpose of physical binding, for it is not strongImage2web enough to accomplish this task. No, now the rope is simply “psychological” to believe that the elephant is not stronger than when it was just a toddler. The puniest rope can bind the biggest elephant, quite simply because the elephant believes it can. It plays no role that the metal stake has been replaced with a wooden stick, and that the 100 kilo baby elephant is now a 7,000 kilo powerhouse.

braintormIt is not longer chain that keeps the elephant bound, but it is the mind. An inner voice that says “I can’t”,” it’s impossible”.

Many Christian are suffering the same experience as the elephant!  They are a powerhouse in the inside (By the Holy Spirit) but believes or have been told “They can’t do it” and “it’s impossible”? Are you bound by these limitations that are usually an elution or a lie?

break the chainsIn this case, it is time to break free from these NOW. Challenge yourself “SNAP THE CHAIN AND SMASH THE PEG.” And you’ll see that “You cannot”, “it is impossible ” – chains are broken and you WILL BE FREE!

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