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Aly-Sam Botros

Life Ministries is a part of the great healing revival happening right now in front of our eyes all around the world! Our ministry have been able to reproduce the same great results we get into people’s life. Iàm proud to say that your donation will bear great fruit, and are life changing to MANY people’s life. If you are in this page it is probably because you have been impacted by this ministry and want to give a financial gift.This is the power of partnership! Your gift enable us to continue to reproduce the same experience and fruit you have seen, so we can continue to effectively train the body of Christ and reach the lost. Your support makes a change! Even a small amount as 9 or 15 US dollars each and every months makes a huge different!

We are in the very beginning of this ministry and have a lot of things going on. Which include producing tracts, booklets, books, and other training material and items. And one feature we are working on is a prayer line that will eventually become a 24/7 prayer line, experienced people that will receive your phone call and believe God for your healing, the need is overwhelming. Our 24/7 prayer line will also be an great tool to continue to train people into the healing ministry.

Our Mission: 
Teach believers their true identity in Christ, train the Body of Christ to preach the Gospel trought signs and wonder, and help the Body of Christ to live as true diciples of Jesus Christ.

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Best Regards
Aly-Sam Botros  the founder and executive chairman of Life Ministries.