• April 19, 2016

A new muslim man to the Kingdom of God!

A new muslim man to the Kingdom of God!

A new muslim man to the Kingdom of God! 259 194 Life Ministries
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The story goes something like this:

Me: Hey! I know you from one of our videos, you were healed, right?
The Muslim man: Yes, it is correct. I felt a heat through my entire back and I’ve never had back problems since then (about 2 years ago).
Me: Amazing, who do you explain it?
The Muslim man: It is truly amazing!
Me: It was Jesus! We are Christians and pray in the name of Jesus. Are you a Christian?
The Muslim man: No, I am a Muslim.
Me: How do you explain it?
The muslim man: I don`t know, but I know that I had back problems, but no more.
Me: Do you want to follow Jesus?
The Muslim man: I already do!
Me: I know that you believe in Jesus as a Muslim, but I mean do you want renounce your former religon Islam and follow Jesus?
The Muslim man: …. Yes, I want!


This is the major reason we evangeliz the way we do – healing the sick, it is an entrance to preach the gospel.

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  • Menny Thoughts May 5, 2016 at 12:19 pm

    Witnessing to muslims has been one of the most challenging things. They distort the scriptures like crazy. Plus, They deny the Resurrection/crucifixion/inerrancy of the bible and divinity of Jesus, the essentials of our faith. But I never lose hope! I will keep trying

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