• April 16, 2013

Never The Same

Never The Same

Never The Same 300 168 Aly-Sam Botros

The Sawi were headhunters and cannibals when Don and Carol Richardson arrived in their Indonesian village carrying their seven-month-old boy Steve—and a message that would change the tribe forever. The year was 1962, and Steve and his siblings would spend their youth among the Sawi, learning the language and embracing the culture in ways that would shape the rest of their lives. The Richardsons’ story challenge and inspiring a new generation to take the gospel to the remaining isolated tribes of the earth.

Fifty years later, Steve joins his father and brothers to visit the Sawi village where they grew up. What’s the state of the church they planted? Journey with the Richardsons to the Sawi swamps, and explore the Gospel’s impact among a once unreached people group.

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