1-On-1 mentor coaching

img_7227One on One Mentor Coaching (Phone Training)

I’m so excited that we here at Life Ministries are able to offer this unique kind of training! After training countless of people into street healing evangelism for several years. I know how effective it is to have someone working 1-On-1 with that REALLY knows how to GET RESULTS!

This training is designed to get RESULTS FAST!

We will literally follow you out on the streets via the phone and guide you through how to preach the gospel by healing the sick. The only requirement for this training is;

1) To be a true believer of Jesus Christ
2) Have a willing heart



To succeed in this training you have to be able to find many sick people! You either go out to the streets, malls, hospitals, big events etc. Or you gather a lot of people at one place which will keep you busy for the next 12h.

Then the trainer from the ministries will guide you via phone how to set people free!

This will be done in a very natural way in many cases the one receiving prayer will not even notice that you are on the line talking on the phone and following instructions. The trainer will hear your conversation with the other person and just tell you what to do with no need of you talking back on the phone to your trainer – just follow the trainers instruction on the phone.

The trainer will work with you a whole day 12h. When you during the day understand how easy it is to exercise your God given authority, the trainer will let you do it by yourself without anyone on the line. The trainer will still be available the whole day for help and guidance via phone.


Then apply by filling out the below forum.

Before an acceptance to the training you first will be contacted by the ministries for a talk, by your trainer. He will also give more info.